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Dorcas Yiu

Teacher of Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Saxophone

Dorcas Yiu began her music journey at the age of 12 with learning trombone and saxophone. She first started to learn music technology, recording and production in Hong Kong Metropolitan University “popular music and production” higher diploma program in 2019. She then studied in The Educational University of Hong Kong to learn about art administration in the Creative art and culture diploma program as a senior entry student. Graduate with second class honors (division one) and minor in jazz qualification.


She continues her study in the Academic and Performing Art, Master of Music in trombone performance in the year of 2022 . Dorcas is currently an active performer, student and music tutor between different music genres such as classical, pop and jazz. Experienced all in teach lower brass instruments and saxophone in all ages. Passionate in sharing the excitement of music to her studies.

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