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Terms & Conditions


In order to provide the best learning experience, students should arrive on time. Time lost due to late arrival will not be made up. It is recommended that students should arrive at Happy Music 5 minutes earlier to settle down.


Cancellation of Service

Cancellation must be submitted to Happy Music official WhatsApp (4611 0086) at least 24 hours before the session. Absence without prior notice will not be made up or refunded. The additional requirements of several specific situations are as following below:

Medical Leave

Session cancelled due to teacher or student’s sickness will be made up. A medical certificate may be requested. 

Group Sessions

No made up session will be arranged regardless of condition.

Vacation or Personal Leave

Prior notice of vacation is required. Made up session will be arranged.


Weather Conditions

Session is cancelled as per government policy such as typhoon or rainstorm alerts. Detailed arrangement should be referred to the Studio’s “Severe Weather Conditions Protocol”. Made up session will be arranged.

Withdrawal of Service

Paid lesson packages are redeemable at any point during the following 12 months and are generally not refunded except in certain circumstances.

House Rules

Clients have to comply with the Happy Music's “House Rules” including COVID protocol. It is established to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff, which is of our paramount concern. 

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