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2023 Trick-or-Treat in Happy Valley


上年萬聖跑馬地的討糖果活動孩子們扮鬼扮馬真太好玩喇!😈🎃🍬 跑馬地的商戶們,不如今年又再一齊玩?Happy Music 將整合哈囉喂活動,在萬聖節期間28/10 (六)12-6pm 及/或 31/10 (二) 3-6pm (或其他自訂時間),登記商戶可以敬備糖果,和大家一起同樂。我們整理名單後,稍後發布給各位街坊。

Will your shop in Happy Valley join the trick-or-treat? Happy Music is compiling a shop list that will be shared with all Happy Valleyers for the Halloween trick-or-treat on 28 Oct 2023 (Sat) 12-6pm and/ or 31 Oct 2023 3-6pm (Tues) or self selected hours. Please sign up if your shop is happy to join and prepare some festive candies as treats on those days. Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🧙🧛😈

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