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Chloe Ling

Teacher of Cello

Chloe graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in Cello Performance and Pedagogy, under the tutelage of Mr. Zong Siu Him, Eddie and Tsui Lok Ming, William. During her time at University, she actively involved in ensembles, orchestras, choirs and bands. She has sufficient experiences of cello teaching in different studios and schools.


Started singing in choirs at age 4 and learning cello at age 6, Chloe received intensive trainings in sight-reading, performing and musicianship. As a cellist, Chloe has performed publicly in different chamber groups and orchestras, including Global Symphony Orchestra, HKFW Six Arts Orchestra, Hong Kong Baptist University Stings Ensemble and The Hong Kong Youth String. She had also been to Austria and China, to perform with the Global Symphony Orchestra in 2020, 2018 and 2015. Chloe has also performed as sectional cellist in Viu Tv Chill Club Band. Playing with other musicians in ensembles has given her opportunities and unique experiences to perform on stage.


As a young musician, Chloe is enthused to dabble in different music styles and to train herself as a good leader. She had served as the Performance Officer in the Hong Kong Baptist University Christian Band and as the Alto Part-leader in the Hong Kong Baptist University Christian Choir respectively during her undergraduate years. She had performed with the Christian Band and the Christian Choir in many concerts including Annual Concerts “獨•⼼•術”(2011), ” 核⼼”(2012), “痕跡”(2013), “當聲⾳只剩下振動“(2014) and “⽢犧“(2014).


The times being in different music groups have enriched her knowledge and performing experience in various styles of music, not only in classical, but also in band music, chorale music, post-rock, jazz, blues, rock n’ roll, pop, R&B and samba, etc. Chloe is the former cellist and vocalist in a Hong Kong local indie acoustic band, Merry go-round.

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