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Yewie Wong

Teacher of  Percussion, Piano, Voice


BA in Music (Berklee College of Music)
Major in Contemporary Writing & Production
Minor in Philosophy
ABRSM grade 8 (Piano, Percussion, Voice, Music Theory)
Trinity grade 8 (Rock & Pop Drums )

Yewie is a multi-instrumentalist, under the artist name 'Curduroy Potato and Her Socks'. She is influenced by a broad scope of music genres and styles, including classical, jazz, blues, progressive rock, soul, funk, etc. She focuses on independent music production and recording authentic sounds through a home set up.

Yewie nurses an interactive style of learning, where she can work together with learners in creative adaptation to their own suitable ways. Most importantly, to connect and engage in multi-facets of music. She views music intersectionally, closely correlated to historical events , navigating emotions, and to channel in depth connection with the world.

In addition, Yewie is passionate about storytelling, seeking stylistic character, and finding balance alongside experimental pursuits.

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